Worklikeboss survival journey

COVID-19 Pandemic, Lockdowns & Coworking Challenges - Our survival journey

The COVID-19 pandemic has badly hit a lot of business industries and the lockdowns!! Ahhh they definitely spice up things & worseup the business situation. Travel agencies, small logistics vendors, food industry, franchise businesses, educational institutes, telecom companies; among the affected industries, the commercial rental or coworking spaces have also been hit hard by this pandemic. We have seen a number of businesses have shut down because of lack of funds, the same could have been the case with our coworking space in dwarka - Worklikeboss.

From space perspective, it is really very easily for the coworkers to call for rent concession within lockdown period or even stop paying the rental cost for the seats for the coming month with their workforce working from home but the space provider has to go through a lot of operational costs like salaries, utility bills, taxes, maintenance, day to day resource expenses & other operational costs. With these difficult times, there was a day when Worklikeboss also planned to shut down its dwarka branch as the operational cost was much more than the funds received or i can say the money received was nearly zero for continuous 4-5 months.

Challenges we faced -

  • Zero income.
  • Operational cost per month was enough to think of shutting down.
  • No proper support / concession from Govt. departments and property owners for taxes, utility bills, maintenance or even rentals.

It was back in Aug 2020, where we thought to schedule a meeting with all coworkers and bring the truth and highlight our business problem. With their proper support & love, we could all come up with a solution to act and get the space operational. During the meeting; we were open to discuss our operational cost and everyone was helpful enough to contribute enough money required to operate easily. Our coworkers even supported us for raising some extra funds for the old loss. I thank them all for this gesture and support for coming together and bringing a solution to the problem at such a difficult time where they all needed money for their business, family or other needs.

We are very happy to have such a lovely team of people working from our office. Thanks for making worklikeboss a better place for coworking in dwarka.

If you are reading this, we really appreciate your support and don't forget that worklikeboss and its team has also supported you guys in your business journey within these years and will continue the same.

With the coming time and hybrid culture adopted by a lot of companies & MNC's, we know coworking spaces will play a very important role in supporting such actions and there will be a time when we have coworking spaces in every working market and nearby places.

Happy coworking!! Worklikeboss coworking dwarka :)

This is just the beginning! Never give up....don't quit.