coworking space vs traditional office

coworking space vs traditional office - Which do you think is better?

The concept of coworking space is very trendy and affordable as compared to traditional offices. It not only reduces your office expenditures but also provides additional benefits especially to professionals, freelancers and small startups.

Booking a traditional office space for your business will cost a minimum of 2 month advance rental, 1-2 month security cost, additional office interiors, furniture costing, heavy electric bills in commercials and further additional expenses for office boy or reception facilities. Coworking spaces are really affordable when it comes to such costs. They provide you with 24/7 access, reception facilities, unlimited tea / coffee, power backup, printing / scanning facilities, high speed internet, meeting room facilities for members and definitely saves you from additional employees and electric bills. These expenses can easily be covered by micro, mid sized and large organizations which have more than 200+ employees but are really troublesome for individuals and small service providers and even startups.

Also, running a business needs time! As well said, time is money.

Day to day operations are a part of your business and in traditional offices you have to make sure these operations are not at all affected with any hindrance in your workplace. It's usual, you will face issues that you would really not like to be a part of or give time at all. But yes, it can affect your day operation so they have to be looked upon. Coworking is a life savior here. No need to worry if you have paid bills on time or are out of office stationeries, is the cleaning done on time, is my pantry out of stock and other unnecessary issues.

So, in short we can come to some facts that shows how coworking spaces are better than traditional offices,

  • Definitely affordable, cost saving! No need to pay utility bills, buy furniture or pay salaries.
  • Hassle free! time saving. Simply request for what you need. You don't have to worry about operating work space.
  • Effective in terms of management. Avoid hiring unnecessary facilities and admin staff.
  • Fully safe and secure.
  • At last, simply plug and play.