marketing your workspace

How to market and promote your coworking space

Do you own a coworking space? Are you missing with the right marketing strategy for your business space? Need to generate leads for your workplace? Yes! It is a business-to-business problem and we are gonna share a few tips for increasing your business revenue.

Running a coworking space and providing customers with uncounted facilities is a challenging task and yet it sometimes lack with a good revenue mainly for small and mid-sized coworking spaces, reason being the revenue model; is not strong enough to spend too much with marketing and advertising or hiring a digital marketing agency for promotional activities. Also after the COVID-19 breakdown, many property owners have converted their office spaces into coworking business. These small / mid-sized businesses definitely provide good services to their customers but are not able to spend money for marketing activities because of low revenue generating model (the more your sq. feet area the better your revenue is). No doubt! It has definitely benefitted them in generating more profit than old traditional ways of leasing their office space.

As per the recent survey, coworking occupancy has nearly doubled in the last three months as companies are now shifting to hybrid models offering office space to employees near their homes.

There are definitely a few ways where you can generate leads for your business and promote your space easily.

The first and the major lead generation tool is your GMB profile. If you haven’t registered your business on google my business, then do this right now because your competitors are acquiring your nearby leads that google distinguish for you and you only. Create your GMB profile and complete it by adding photos, business brief, working hours and updating various other details. Yes there are a few tips that will help your GMB profile distinguished from your competitors and you can easily get that managed from a marketing agency at affordable prices.

You can also run a google campaign at weekends that lies with your budget itself and create a social profile on Facebook (business page) for brand awareness activities.

In short, here are summarized tips to apply -

  • Setup and maintain GMB profile.
  • Share your GMB profile with ongoing customers for review and ask them to leave a good detailed review instead of common ones like excellent space!! Good services!! It really helps.
  • Create a FB Business page and increase your brand awareness. Get more likes and followers as it build trust for new customers searching for nearby spaces like yours.
  • Try to implement private cabin seat system in your workplace instead of open sittings, such leads lend to close fast and generate more revenue with the same space.
  • One time investment, install hoardings with good visibility to attract nearby leads.
  • If possible allow day trials to new customers…share FREE DAY PASS. Allow them to work within your workplace for a day and ask them about their reviews about the place, what they liked the most and what has to be improved according to them. This will help you improvise.