coworking space

4 things to avoid at coworking

Your network is your net worth & business networking is the art of building mutually beneficial relationships with other business people, potential clients, and customers.

Benefits of networking :

  • Connecting with new people and more referrals.
  • Share work experience and knowledge
  • Boosts confidence and explore opportunities
  • More business visibility in the market

Here are 4 common mistakes to avoid at coworking :

  • Do not give overtime to others than your business demands. People do this a lot just to keep their relationship healthy!
  • You might like the business of the person sitting next to you more than yours but don't take too much interest or plan to invest. Try to focus on your business and why you started it and avoid things or decision that affect your business.
  • Stop overthinking! simply focus on your business, customers and employees. Don't think too much about what the other coworkers think or react for all your day movements; answering to calls, thinking, planning, sitting ideal etc.
  • Don't be too much conservative in your work space, try to communicate with people and build network. It definitely help with referrals